Setting a/s port as dce on 2522 ... Stupid question ?????

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Dear Ones good day , this is my first post in this lovely forums , very happy to be here. Am (ex BT and AT&T) , N+ and CCENT certified , giving my CCNA in 2 weeks , going well but .......

have a lab

1x 3550 48 smi (coming today)
3x 2950 24
1x 2522
1x 1760
1x 2610xm
1x 2611xm

working out a frame relay setup , all fine except ..... Those a/s low speed ports from serial 2 to 9 ...... As am trying to use the 2522 as frame switch, but have failed so far to get traffic passing through .... It is set as sync port . What happens is if i set it as dte then works fine ..... And with that of course swapping the back to back dte/dce cable as well.
any advices ? I like to use gear as in real life that is what you work with .... Looking forward to hear from yours kind advices , have all a nice weekend


  • MatablaMatabla Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    ... Thank you very much for wieving .... but ...anyone who has an answer ????? have digged the whole internet , and have found no reply ....
    find it a bit stupid that now i need to break up my frame Cloud for that silly a/s port ...
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