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Is there a NoSQL certification / exam? Oracle doesn't offer a certification about their NoSQL product. Others are Open Source. Open Source product mostly don't have certifications.

Found only an Indian company



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    Why do you feel you need one? I'd say there are a couple of factors contributing to the lack of certs in this field:
    1) open-source in general doesn't care much for certs
    2) nosql is too new and fast-paced market, they iterate too much and too often for any cert that is older than a few months to be a meaningful reflection of one's knowledge of the product...

    I'd say if you want to show a potential employer your skills in nosql, just develop them on your own and once you are comfortable, put it on the resume.
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    I think ChooseLife is spot on. Those new "no SQL" DBs are far to new to have certifications tied to them. Beyond that, the NoSQL is best applicable to non relational data storage which hasn't totally caught on. I think as Big Data is further explored it will find more exposure, but I would align myself to SQL or Big Data with No SQL dbs as an add on. Beyond that, bleeding edge open source concepts like this don't generally have certs. They are more based on experience and community involvement / reputation.

    If your desired IT career leads you down the Posix/SQL/LAMP stack road, I would suggest picking up SQL (as stated above), a high level language (like you're doing with Java), and some good Linux / Apache knowledge. Add into that some PHP and HTML and you'd be golden as a web dev.
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