Need suggestions on my CISSP preparation

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Hello Experts,
I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Information Management. I have an work experience of 3 years in security domain. I would like to know, if i am eligible to take the CISSP test. Do I need to have any prerequisites before I take the CISSP certification test.

Please advice.



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    Hello and welcome to TE. There are no eligibility requirements to take the exam. However, there are eligibility requirements to gain the actual CISSP designation.

    You can find the details on the ISC2 web site on the requirements at -
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    Good day,

    To take the exam you need 5 years of professional experience or 4 year with a degree.

    You can still study and take the CISSP ASSOCIATE exam. This is the exact same exam as the CISSP exam but you become a full blown CISSP only once you reach 5 years of professional experience.

    Go for it

    Best of luck

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    Can I consider my Master degree in Information Management to be 2 years of experience ?

  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    No. 1 year of experience is all that will be taken off. Regardless of how you achieve this (Cert, BS/BA, or Masters Degree, which is silly because I don't think you can get a masters without a BS/BA first, in which case why even have the requirement? And why does Security+ or MCTP count the same for 4 or 6 years of college?)
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    What were you doing before the 3 years InfoSec experience? I wonder if there some experience you may not be counting. Remember that you don't explicitly need to be in an InfoSec role to count experience. It just needs to map somehow to the domains.
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,868 Admin
    There are no prerequisites to take the CISSP exam. Anyone who is not already CISSP-certified can take the CISSP exam at any time. Passing the CISSP exam wlil earn you the Associate of the (ISC)2 designation.

    To become fully CISSP-certified, you must have five years of verifiable InfoSec professional experience. One of the years can be waived by having one of many certifications, such as the Security+ or SSCP, or by having a 4-year degree from a university.
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