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I took the CISM and FITSP-M exam on the same day. It was very draining to do this but I successfully passed both exams. It's official. I am so thrilled I got the results i wanted after all those months of studying.


  • dcooper24dcooper24 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Does anyone have any opinion about the CGEIT certification?
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    congrats on pass
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    Congrats! Which book(s) did you use for your preparation? How would you rate the exam against CISSP?
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    From my experience, I found the CISM to be less difficult than the CISSP. The CISM job practice areas really are a subset of the CISSP, IMHO.
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    What prep material did you utilize to pass the CISM? I'm about to start studying for it. I got the Career Academy Video, the CISM exam simulation but there is no reading material that I can find that's worth a hoot!
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    Congratulations! CISM is one of my long-term goals.. Any review would be appreciated :)
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    Congrats on the big day!

    The FITSP-M was interesting. I signed up 4 days before the exam and with no official study materials yet produced (none I could find), it was a bit of a mystery as to what I was walking into. Since the topics were all ones I have extensive experience with, I rolled the dice. I reviewed some NIST pubs and then sat down at George Mason University and hoped for the best. Passed with a nice score.

    Good exam in my opinion because it is relevant to my work in federal IT security and FITSI Director Jim Wiggins is motivated to make this a marketable certification in this sector.

    What did you think about the exam? Would you put the difficulty on par with Security+? I would put it in that ballpark, maybe even a bit more difficult if someone had less federal experience.

    Again, congrats!
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    I got the CA videos, got the official CISM guide... although I'm crossing my eyes looking at it, got my simulated exam from ISACA and next week I'm gonna down load their latest and greatest 100 recent questions/answers from ISACA. The CISM looks like a royal pain. Personally, I would of been better off taking the CISA but noooo, my buddy told me to take the CISM cause I got the CISSO... which now I know has very little correlation to one another. Anyways, I'm done thinking about getting it.. It's time to get "er" done.
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    Awesome! 2 exams in 1 day! Very Nice! icon_thumright.gif
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    LarryDaMan wrote: »
    The FITSP-M was interesting. I signed up 4 days before the exam and with no official study materials yet produced (none I could find)

    I was able to get the guides from this site:

    I found no incentive to pursue the certifications, as though I found a few people with the certification in their e-mail taglines, I can find no jobs that include the certification in its requirements.

    Let me see what I get today:

    (This is just a keyword search, on a single keyword, without location being specified.)
    Monster - 2
    Careerbuilder - 1
    (From what I can tell, these three postings here appear to be the same job, based on the job description.)

    Monster -269
    Careerbuilder - 365

    Monster - 570
    Careerbuilder -910

    Monster -852
    Careerbuilder - 1,165

    I used to not do this type of comparison, but at one point I realized that it was important to certify and educate myself with goals in sight. I can see where CISM/CISA can help me somewhat, but I am unable to visualize similar ROI using FITSP-M.
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    At that time, FITSI offered the FITSP-M exam for free. It was just a matter of taking additional time that day to sit for the exam. I didn't use any study materials for the exam. In my opinion, I rate the FITSP-M exam difficutlty right ahead of Security+. As a federal employee I wanted to see what the certification was all about. The FITSI director is working on ANSI accredidation in order to add this cert to the DOD 8570.01. Once that happens, employers will start requesting this certification.
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    Nice work!
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