how many questions on the 70-410? how many in the pool?

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Hello everyone, 1st poster here.

I am studying for my 2012 cert and I am starting with the 70.410. I just curious if anyone knows how many questions and how many in the pool.



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    That kind of information is proprietary and not something Microsoft will disclose with anyone outside of MS Learning.

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    Probably less than older exams because it's a still pretty new though I don't think it matters unless you fail a couple times and manage to remember the previous questions asked. Not the best plan.

    There is usually about 50 questions on the actual tests.

    What's your study plan for the exam?
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    I was just curious to have an idea what to expect at least question wise when I sit for the test. Right now I am reading Windows Server 2012 Unleashed. Then I'll see if I find some MS press books to add to the material. Oh and maybe some springboard series videos.
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    There were 45 questions in my 70-410 exam which I took on 28 Jan 2013 . icon_cool.gif
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