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I'm new to these forums! First post!!. Anyway, I'm scheduled to take the Network+ on Wednesday. How hard is it compared to the practice test on Comptia's website? out of 30 questions I had 27 right. Still nervous though. I've taken various other practice tests from other websites. Anyone have any idea how they stack up vs the actual test?




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    I found the netplus exam to be easier than comptia'spractice test
    Pretty sure the ones your are referring to (comptia's) are provided by a third party
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    I'm not sure. I went to their website, found the net+ 10-005 exam and on the right it said "take a practice test". I just had to fill out some information and it gave me 30 questions to take. I also took 5 tests from exam compass. 25 questions each. All of the practice tests I've taken seem to have similar content. I read the whole mike meyers book 10-004 book. Seems to be harder than the 10-005 test.
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    Do a google search for network plus practice exams
    I found tons (100's) for 10-005 and 10-004 exams
    I was surprised at what I didnt know when I took those
    The part of the exam which are the hardest are the problem solving questions
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    If you got 27 out of 30 then well done. It sounds like you are ready. if you are not sure you could check out Mike Meyer's questions on his website.Expensive but worth it. I used these when I took the exam.
    I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.
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    Well, I passed with a 766/720 today. All of the practice tests I had were so much easier than the real exam. Even the CompTIA practice exam was easier for some reason. Oh well, a pass is a pass. On to the security+!
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    Congrats on pass. Any simulation questions? Advice? Taking mine this Saturday.
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    Thank you! and yeah, Straight off the bat I had 4 simulation questions. After the first 5-7 questions I didn't have any more. I think i had 5 total. I did run into an error in a simulation question. It wouldn't let me change any scenario in the simulation so I had to "reset" it to get it to work. Just a little advice if that happens to you.
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    Also, Make sure you know your ports and where each protocol fits into both the OSI and the TCP/IP data models. There was one that threw me for a loop. Know how to wire up a 568A and 568B ethernet cable. Know everything about wireless speeds, channels, frequency's and how to setup a wired/wireless SOHO network. Other than that it was basic book knowledge questions. Nothing to think about, either you know it or you don't. Make sure you know the speeds of T and OC lines and limitations on single mode and multimode fiber.
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    The Comptia sample questions aren't really a good example of what you'll see however I agree with crazydavid13 know the 568a&b. Also know how to configure a access point and know ipconfig
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    I did memorize 568a and 568b but to my surprise I didnt have any questions on these
    But you will need to know them in the real world
    And your test may be different than mine
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    I did have a questions on it
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    Don't put too much faith in those practice tests. The actual test pool has about 4,000 questions and each company selects a group out of that pool to administer. The practice tests give you a good idea of the types of questions you might encounter, but they might not even be from the current pool. You might get several questions on a particular topic, or you might get a few, or none at all.
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    I had a sim on the 568a and 568B cable. Anyway, I had read that most people who took the net+ thought the test was easier than practice. For me it was harder though. Guess I got the short end of the stick! Glad I passed it though. And if Darril Gibson is reading this, I ordered your book the other day to study for the security+!
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