Studying for the SSCP!!!

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I have been studying for my SSCP for about two week now my plan is to take the exam on February 28, before I go back to college in April. Going to get my BS in Infromation Security. I have been doing practice exam where ever I can find them. Is there any other free exam engine out there your can recommend?


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    Other than, most any CISSP practice exam can be used for the SSCP. Just realize that the SSCP does not have the CISSP's Physical and Law/Ethics domains, and SSCP goes into application security, Malware, and technical details deeper than the CISSP, but not so much on the DRP/BCP.
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    Between the ISC2 sponsored book and darril's AIO book, the test questions that are included in those are all you need. Along with knowing the materials in both of those books. I passed the test on the 12th of this year.

    You dont need to pay extra money for any test banks.
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    I noticed you did not mention what resources you are using, I would not want to cause you any panic at this stage of your preparation however Darril Gibson's AIO book is a great book. In my opinion, that book should give you adequate preparation for the exam. And as Heny noted, the official ISC2 book is another great resource. All the best.
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    I have using the CISSP InfoSec video and Sybex CISSP book 4th edition
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    First time poster that just wanted to chime in on my SSCP exam experience. I just got back from the SSCP exam and I passed.

    Definitely take a look into Darril Gibson's SSCP book as it has some solid information that is relatively easy to understand. I also used the Official SSCP book and while it had a lot of information I preferred the AIO book.

    I used StudISCope questions and found them to be a bit more difficult. This test actually forced me to study a lot more which definitely helped me understand a lot of the concepts at a detailed level. The AIO questions are a good reference but really easy and a bit unrealistic compared to the actual questions. The questions are really good but I don't recommend purchasing the subscription as it wasn't worth it imo.

    Good luck!
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