Help ! Setting a/s low speed serial port as dce on 2522.

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Gentlemens good day , this is my first post in yours lovely section , very happy to be here. Am (ex BT in BB and AT&T Cust side) , N+ and CCENT certified , giving my CCNA in 2 weeks , going well but .......

have a lab

1x 3550 48 smi
3x 2950 24

1x 2522
1x 1760
1x 2610xm
1x 2611xm

working out a frame relay setup , all fine except ..... Those a/s low speed ports from serial 2 to 9 ...... As am trying to use the 2522 as frame switch, but have failed so far to get traffic passing through .... It is set as sync port . What happens is if i set it as dte then works fine ..... And with that of course swapping the back to back dte/dce cable as well.
any advices ? How can i set an a/s low speed serial port as DCE? I like to use gear as in real life that is what you work with .... Looking forward to hear from you all , you are my last resort .... Pls kindly do answer really stuck on this ..... Am I missing some vital CLI commands ? ..... CCNA section and so CCNP no answer .....


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    Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you need to get familiar with frame relay switching and the frame-relay route command. Here are a few links to get you started:

    Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Configuration Guide, Release 12.1 - Configuring Frame Relay - Cisco Systems

    Now would be a good time to get familiar with the following 'show' commands:

    show frame pvc
    show frame map
    show frame lmi

    and for the scenario above, show frame route

    Good luck
    CCIE Sec: Starting Nov 11
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    dear Down77, sincere thanks for your superpromt response. I have been tshooting for AT&T FR network many years ago in the past , so am familiar with the concept from the user side . The commands as well are quite known to me . Am going to look in depth at the info at once as configuring the frame switch is actually not in the CCNA exam . But as i have the sufficient hardware to make it real , i fell compelled to challenge myself .

    however the real point in all this is

    can i connect a serial a/s DCE port (2 to 9 on 2522) to a high speed DTE sync serial port (like wic 1T on 2611) and have traffic passing ? That is putting the config commands aside for now , simply whether this is possible or whether you can successfully connect and configure only async with async , and sync with sync , not mixed .

    Hope i do make better sense this time , eventually i may provide will as well provide some router output on my next posting ...

    once more real thanks , going to try now. :)
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    Issue resolved , the serial 2 was faulty , therefore could not bring the interface up up .
    swapped cable to serial 6 and frame relay working as it should , thanks dear Down77 for the advice , have all of you a nice weekend , rgds :)
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