GNS3 Newbie, Pls Help...

JayTheCrackerJayTheCracker Senior MemberMember Posts: 169
hi guys,

should i post here or in the virtualization section ? whatever, i think there are more ppl who use gns3 in CCNP section, so i post here... if wrong section, pls redirect this thread... thx

i just installed GNS3 &
don't know what are the initial configurations are?
i got some error about dyanamips when i try to add an IOS
i don't even know wat the heck is dynamips....

also in GNS3 forum, it's so messy to find a good newbie tutorial... pls provide me some link from there
or Tell me a bit step-by-steb , Pls guide me...

Thanks to all.... :)


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