Masters in Information Security but No Work Experience

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Hi All

Good Morning.I am a Graduate student in Information Security, graduating in May 2013.I worked previously in software industry for 3 years but I want to pursue my career in Security (Information security or network security).I wanted to do a good security certification which adds value to my resume.I am confused to start with either CCNA or Security+.I went through this forum and saw great answers and help from experts in Information Security field.I'm really confused about which certification to choose and wanted to do it asap.Please help me.

Have a Great Day!:)


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    Welcome to the forums. With a Masters in InfoSec...I would recommend not wasting your time with CompTIA they aren't really going to add anything to your resume. If you are wanting to stay on the security side of things...research some GIAC or ISC2 certifications. I would imagine that much of the content is stuff you should already be familiar with (that's not to say you won't need to study at all). CCNA might be a good option to get your foot in the door if you are wanting to go the routing and switching direction.
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    Dear Hutchens

    Thanks a lot for the reply.I understand what you are saying.But as I said, I want to do a certification which adds value to my resume and at the same time which is doable for me without any training.If GIAC or Associate of (ISC)2 are so, can you suggest which one is best and also tips and material for self study.

    Thank you.
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    Well that's the trouble there. I think all ISC2 certs require documentation of work experience in InfoSec. You can become an Associate of ISC2 by sitting one of their exams. Then you recieve the credential upon getting the work experience.

    GIAC certs (as far as I know) do not usually require documentation of experience. But you are going to have a hard time finding resources for self-study GIAC certifications.

    Personally, I'd recommend taking the CISSP exam and trying to secure the Associate of ISC2. There are a lot of good resources for self-study on CISSP. The Shon Harris All-in-One CISSP Study Guide is what I used.
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    lucky83 wrote: »
    I want to do a certification which adds value to my resume and at the same time which is doable for me without any training.
    I cannot really think of any. They will either require effort (and/or money) or not add value to your resume next to the Master's degree.
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    yes I understand.I will go with CCNA first.I see a lot of openings in network and also I can learn more in networking through this certificate.After that I will think of GISC.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs.
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    With a Master I would try to get a work in some college at a undergrad degree (professor, assistant, etc) or in a school as an IT related teacher or something.

    With that $$ get more certs and all the time keep applying for IT jobs
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