Confusion with Microsoft Voucher. Any help

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I received and email from Microsoft for taking a free MCSE Cloud, i got the voucher number from them.
it Says " This VOUCHER number is only valid for set of exams - 417, 246 and 247. "
I followed the procdure as described in email which is below.

1. Visit and click the "Start" button
2. Follow the onscreen prompts to schedule your appointment including selection of your country, exam, testing center, and exam date. Note: You will be required to log in at a point in the process.
3. On Payment Information Screen, click button to enter your Voucher Number.
4. Once validated, continue through the process to pay for your exam. Please note: you will pay full price for the full exam pack at the time of registering. Retain your voucher number as it will be required for all future registrations completed for your pack 5. You will receive a confirmation screen along with an email upon successful registration.

When ready to schedule your remaining exams including free retakes, follow the same steps above; however, payment information will not be required.

But after the voucher is verified there is still an option for providing my Card i don't understand if its free why take the money or is it only for the first exam. If anybody explain this i will be really thank full.


  • mr_tech_ukmr_tech_uk Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Basically in a nutshell they take the money for the first exam and make sure you enter the promo code and if you fail that exam you contact them quote the promo code and of the assistants will rebook the exam if you fail. This happens to me recent
  • sweetsaintsweetsaint Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□
    That i think was the second shot offer, i am aware of that. i was not sure if this was the same thing.
    Thanks for the reply
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