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Hey guys, I recently passed the ccna and am thinking of taking the voice route. Does any have any good advice on study material?


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    Sounds like you're going down the same road I am. I too just last week earned my CCNA and starting down the voice track. I have already gotten the Official Cert Guide (the one by Jeremy). When I started down the Cisco road I build out my lab with both the CCNA and Voice in mind, so I'm playing on real hardware for both, which helps a lot. To really dive in i'm moving our house over to VoIP, setting up a SIP trunk and all. I guess I just do better really getting my hand dirty. Helps that i'm working on all this to give us more options as we are trying to move from CA to TX, so I have wife buy in. I will pickup the Boson exam once i'm ready to double check before sitting the exam.
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    I don't think you can beat the Cisco press book, Also you'll need to build a lab and they just released CCNA voice lab manual( didn't get it yey but looks good). As far as cbt, I passed my ccna with Train signal icnd2 teacher Chris Bryant. So I bought their voice course but its only 10 hours and really just a highlight of the information. If you want a free CCNA Voice there's goto its about 25 hours of free training. I trying to put all this together, a lab will cost you a little more then R&S studies so take it slow or just dive in and buy it.

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    if you don't have hands on exp on cisco voip, then make sure you grasp the knowledge presented in Cisco press books. You'll understand concepts at multiple passes of the book, so don't get frustrated, just I did.
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    I would say to get a small sized CCNA Voice lab. Maybe the cheapest ISR router, an old phone, a switch, and CUCM on a VM. That's about all you need to get through the actual hands on part of the exam. As far as the study materials, I always find that I'm able to commit most of the material to long term memory through a combination learning method using videos and books. I would recommend the CCNA Voice Certification Guide from Ciscopress and, if you're on a budget, go for the free INE CCNA Voice videos. They are a little on the dry side so if you'd like something more exciting and you want spend the cash, pay $49/month for the Trainsignal videos
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    Hey Iris - have you watched the CBT CCNA Voice videos as well as the Trainsignal?

    If so how did you find the quality of material between the two? Cost aside - Which is better?
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    I started watching some very old CBT videos for CCNA Voice. I didn't particularly care for them. As far as the Trainsignal ones, I haven't seen the specific ones for CCNA Voice but the instructor is the same guy who did the CCNP Switch video series and I like him - Joe Rinehart is his name
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    Hey guys. Please give an advice regarding Voice over IP First Step book.


    It has 5 stars rating on Amazon but it was published in 2005. Does it make any sense to buy it?
    Best, sacredboy!
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