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Just noticed that Cisco has the 2nd edition of their CCNA Voice OCG.

Does anyone know what the difference between the 1st and the 2nd edition is? I am asking because I am studying for CCNA V from the 1st edition book.

Also, does the OCG cover everything for the exam? I know it should as it is the OFFICIAL Certification Guide, but I have read some comments on the net that it does not.



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    There is a big difference between 1st and 2nd editions of CCNA:Voice.

    1st Ed focuses on basic voice theory, implementing CUCME and really just touches on implementing CUE and the UC500 series.
    2nd Ed focuses on the day-to-day administration of a Unified Communications deployment, CUCM, CUCME, Unity Connection, and Unified Presence.

    Just studying for the 1st Ed won't really get you over the line. But it does fill in the gaps and fleshes out the CUCME section in CVOICE.
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    I think you misunderstood my question. I was not asking what the difference between the old CCNA Voice exam and the new CCNA Voice exam is, but rather what the difference in books for the new CCNA Voice is.

    Here is the book that Cisco Press has listed for CCNA Voice:

    CCNA Voice 640-461 Official Cert Guide

    and here is one on Amazon which is for the same exam, except it says it is 2nd edition. CCNA Voice 640-461 Official Cert Guide (9781587204173): Jeremy Cioara, Michael Valentine: Books

    They both have the same number of pages, although i did notice that the 2nd edition one has coloured diagrams.
    Confused :S

    Thanks anyway.
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    They are both the same books, the Amazon version just happens to have colour diagrams and i think the one on the ciscopress website does as well.
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    I have it for the Nook (#9781587204173) by Jeremy & Michael and it does not refer to being a 2nd edition but it does have color images.
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    The 640-461 book linked a few posts up on Amazon is all you need.
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    The price dropped, but thats the way it goes.

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    I don't know if this is a Cisco legal question or not (don't answer if it isen't), but from what i'm seeing on the Cisco website for CCNA Voice. There is nothing about CUE or UC500. From what I've seen here...there is some of this stuff in the first edition of the book. Should I study be prepared for some of this stuff? All I've been studying is the 2nd edition of the book. I'm wondering if i should read the 1st edition too.
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    Guys are there some other workbooks besides CCNA VOICE LAB MANUAL which you used for lab works?
    Best, sacredboy!
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    sacredboy wrote: »
    Guys are there some other workbooks besides CCNA VOICE LAB MANUAL which you used for lab works?

    There is not that much lab manuals or books available for CCNA Voice. I used the CCNA VOICE LAB MANUAL which helped me out a lot practically with CUCM.

    I also used a lot of the guides from Cisco's website. Unfortunately there is a lot of materials to go through. Fortunately I had the opportunity to install a brand new CUCM system from scratch. I had to go through the list of cisco docs to figure out what I needed to do. Login Page
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    Guys a couple of questions concerning CCNA VOICE LAB MANUAL:
    1. Does it cover fully all the CCNA VOICE track topics?
    2. I have noticed that some images are missed in this book. Is it a big problem for completing the labs?
    Best, sacredboy!
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