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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I am really interested in security. I am currently doing Msc Internet Security and aiming to be security specialist one day. Due to the fact that I already have some basic background about principles of the OSI being aware of some well-known attack, I think that starting with CEH is good point. So, what is the criteria for starting online courses? I am little bit confused because I read somewhere that in order to able to take the test someone must have proofs that his employer asked him to do so. But currently I am only a student. My questions are:

1) I am elligible to take such a test?
2) Are there any online courses, videos etc.?
3) How long it usually takes to prepare for the test?
4) How much it costs for the courses?

Looking forward to receive replies! Kind regards!


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    I don't believe you have to have proof your employer asked you to take the test, but to be eligible to take the test you must have proof from your employer that you have 2 years of experience in an infosec position. If you don't have any experience in infosec, you can take an EC Council training course to become eligible. They offer an online training course that starts at around $1500US, and includes an exam attempt ($500US) in the price.

    I'm going through the material in the All-In-One exam guide right now, and it seems to be around a month's worth of prep material for me, but that will vary depending on what security and networking knowledge you already have when you begin studying. The material really doesn't seem like it's particularly challenging, and I've seen many people on this forum recommend this cert only to those working in DoD-land.
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