CCIE Lab - Telnet scripting .bat to hit all your lab devices

rchaserchase Member Posts: 126
So I setup a 2509 as a terminal server with octal cable consoled into all my devices - 3750 sw, HQ router, PSTNWAN router, 3524 sw, BR1, BR2.

I have windows telnet service enabled (not enabled by default but available on windows 7), and I've created .bat files for each side to hit each device (to access each telnet line, you enter the IP of the terminal server but instead of port 23, a separate port is used for each device.) I'm using ports 2001 - 2008. Here is what my bat files look like:

title HQ
telnet 2002

The problem I have is that the "Title" command (which changes the title of the cmd window) renames to "telnet" for all windows but I'd like it to name each window as the device connected.

This wont be that important once I load images and get each of these routers out of rommon and named with hostnames, but I'm wondering what you guys use in your telnet scripts. Also, I use putty, but I havent looked up how to use the command line instead. maybe that has more options


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