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I currently studying for my 70-640, 642 and 646. If i want to avail of the 2nd shot option do i need to pay for all 3 exams upfront?


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    I bought a discounted voucher for all 3 exams at once. I believe that offer is good until March 31st 2013. You have until December 2013 to use all 3 vouchers. If you fail any of the 3 or all 3 exams each time you get a second shot. So a max of 6 tests are paid for. You can also buy one exam at a time and not get the discounted rate for all 3 if you wish. But last I read they stop selling March 31st. You do pay for all 3 exams in one payment up front.
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    The second shot is exam by exam. You sign up for a second shot voucher and then use it when you book the exam.

    Note: second shot does not apply to 72- exams despite it saying it does 3 different places on the Prometric website. icon_twisted.gif
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    The single second shot vouchers expire May 31, 2013.

    The bundle (as in the MCSA 2008 bundle) not only save you 15% buy buying 3 vouchers at once, but give you until Dec 31, 2013 to use the second shots.

    See: Retake Microsoft Certification Exam for Free | Microsoft Learning the table about halfway down.
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