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Passed JCNIA today, on to JCNIS-Sec. I agree with what other have written, it isn't a hard test, esp. if you already have pretty solid networking knowledge. The free materials from Juniper are enough, as long as your existing skills are reasonable. I only studied the pdfs maybe 6-8 hours, with another 2-3 hours with 2 router images in junosphere (trying to save my credits for SRX images for the -Sec). I know Cisco is way more popular, but there is still a lot of Juniper shops as well. I didn't spend much time with Cisco IOS, but JunOS seems better to me at least. Also, as part of the fast track program, the test is only $50 if you pass a pretest, so it is a very good value, esp. when you consider the free training material. There is also free material for JNCIS-Sec as well as a discounted test.


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    In the words of Si from Duck Dynasty: Hey!

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    Didn't realize that the pretest offered that much of a discount!
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    Keep us posted on how you are studying for the JNCIS-SEC.
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    Congrats man! And thanks for your feedback on the JNCIA-JUNOS exam. Best of luck on the JNCIS-SEC exam.
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    I scheduled the sec test a couple weeks ago for last Friday, planning on doing a couple days of junosphere lab work and re-reading the study guides and my notes, but work and some upper respiratory crud knocked me down for most of last week. Really should have postponed the test, but being light headed and on cough syrup, I got stubborn and didn't. So, I failed. Which was the correct outcome for sure. I just don't have enough hands on time with the SRX to feel right, even if I could eek out a pass on the test. So going to set it aside for now, until I have more hands on in the real world time with it. The study materials from Juniper are outstanding, and I am sure if I could commit to spending enough time labbing stuff out, I would be able to pass just using them, I just have a hard time getting motivated to lab things out if I don't need to for a live project in the near future.
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    Keep us posted on how you are studying for the JNCIS-SEC.
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