Need Help Picking Between Cert Paths

ZombieNo7ZombieNo7 Member Posts: 24 ■□□□□□□□□□
I am a computer science student looking for work/getting my foot in the door while attending school. I need work pretty fast because my current job is ending soon, and I really don't have any alternatives or any credentials other than saying that I'm studying computers. So, in the interest of being able to verify my skills as well as getting some specialized training, I'm looking at three different paths. 1. Java - either through Oracle's training program and cert or thrugh O'reilly's training with Oracle's cert. 2. Linux - trough O'reilly's training with Linux+ and RHCSA. 3. Hacking/Pen. Testing - with OSCP and CEH through Offensive Security and EC Council. I have a base knowledge of all three and and interest in all of them. What I am wondering is; which will give the best return on investment given the current job market?
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