Dial Peers

When calling between 2 sites, e.g CUCM to CME.

Example - SiteA dials SiteB.

I understand, SiteA will match a route pattern/dial peer and SiteB will ring.

How does SiteB handle the incoming call, e.g does SiteB need to have an Outgoing Dial Peer that matches SiteA for the call to complete?
Just trying to understand what needs to be configured at the Site receiving the call, for the call to be successful.



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    Remember always to map out your call legs before you think about dial peers.

    So, we will have:

    B - X222

    Call leg 1 - Incoming on A from x111
    Call leg 2 - Ougoing from A
    Call leg 3 - Incoming on B
    Call leg 4 - Outgoing on B to x222

    So basically, to get this call up and running, we would need just 3 dial peers

    A call leg 1 dial peer, call leg 2 dial peer, and a call leg 4 dial peer.

    This will allow x111 to call x222 but not the other way around.
    To allow for bi directional communication, we need to create a dial peer for call leg 3. This will be pointing outbound on B.


    dial-peer voice 1 voip
    destination pattern 1..
    session target <ip of A interface connecting to B>
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    Thanks for the info.

    To switch this around, so B x2222 now needs to initiate the call to A x1111. Would I need need to configure an incoming dial peer on A?

    I think I'm getting confused with the term dial peer. If one site calls another site, what does the remote site need to be able to handle that call, just a return dial peer?
    Does the remote call manager need to "Match" the incoming call to an incoming peer of some sort?

    Thanks for the help.
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    it needs to be able to accept inbound calls with a dial peer. It can be as simple as a dial-peer with the incoming number a ".". This will allow calls to go one way, but you will need another dial peer to send calls back the other way.
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    as an example..

    If I called Site B from extension 5555 and site B has the dial peer -

    dial-peer voice 10 pots
    description *Incoming*
    incoming called-number .

    Is this the dial peer for handling all incoming calls? POTS and VOIP?
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