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I have gone through the two Odom books and now about to read through MPLS fundamentals. However I had another look at the blueprint for both written and lab and the MPLS part seems to be quite small. I wanted to reconfirm if it is really necessary to go through the entire book when MPLS seems to be such a small part? Are there any better alternatives to reading through the whole book? Or am I completely wrong and is it absolutely necessary? Would like to hear from the guys that havea already done it.

Note - I dont work in the ISP sector so dont really come across MPLS at work either


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    You only need the first 7 chapters of the book for R&S but skip chapter 5.
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  • tinu_karkitinu_karki Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
    You only need the first 7 chapters of the book for R&S but skip chapter 5.

    Thanks thats very helfpul.
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    You dont need to worry about TE or oATM, but if you slack on any other part of MPLS you will fail the lab guaranteed. Read it, live it, love it. MPLS is not inherently hard from a high level, but you need to understand how the underlying protocols like LDP work very well.
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    Concur... Imagine this... you can't get your CCIE lab version of an MPLS config working. Then you're asked to run BGP over it, then to use that bgp to connect two IGPs, then to use those IGPs to build a tunnel, then to use that tunnel to send multicast, then to run a service across the whole thing... then add ipv6... that's 7 sections you just bricked because you overlooked something.

    You don't *need all of the SP stuff for the R&S lab, like jason said... but if reading those extra chapters will help your understanding of the protocol, why and where it's used... it can't hurt.
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