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I have no certification and would like to go.
I live in DOMTOM and I wonder if it is possible to have all the documents online to pass a certification?
I wonder if it is possible to pass a certification exam or online without having to go through a training center?

Because there is a training center that but the price is exorbitant: 2000 € 5-day training for an exam. If there are 5 exams in my certification the price is really too high.

There he a paying site or not for the current Microsoft certifications?
I search microsoft site but I can not find where I have to pay for courses and what is or I need to register for a certification or exam!

Thank you for your help


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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    You need the Microsoft Press books and a computer on which you can do the exercises on. More the RAM on the computer the better. Look around the forums and there are plenty of threads about creating a lab computer. For books, you can sign up on for I think $45/month. Unlimited books and videos. NEVER go to training centers, you cannot learn stuff in 5 days.

    You register for MS exams on

    What's DOMTOM? Something to do with France?
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    Thought I was the only one who had no idea what DOMTOM is. Wikipedia says it "consists broadly of all French-administered territory outside of the European continent" but looking at the map there are a few in different regions of the world. Can you narrow it down a bit so we get an idea?

    What Essendon said is absolutely the way to go. You can learn all this stuff on your own. No need to pay for training. There are tons of resources out there including books, videos and material on TechNet that you can for a low cost or even free. Once you study, you will need to take the exam at an authorized Prometric testing center. Depending on where you live there may or may not be one or more centers. In the event that you live in a region that does not have a Prometric center, you will need to travel. There's no other way to take the exam.
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    I live in New Caledonia (above New Zealand).
    Is it not possible to pass the exam on the internet? As Apple certifications?
    This is connected with a login / password, 30min or 1hr to pass the certifications and the end results.

    I would make all local, because I have a relatively small budget.
    If I understand all the docs I found on, then must I register in a center Prometrics? Is it not possible to take the exam online at microsoft?
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    So is Caledonia a NZ governed territory, just out of curiosity.

    MS exams are not on the Internet, you need to go to Prometric testing center. Book exams here > . See the picture about the Second Shot? That lets you take the second attempt for free if you fail the first time.

    If you completely understood the books AND labbed it up on your computer, THEN you'll pass. Reading a book is generally not enough unless you have real-world experience with the product you'll be tested on. It's not like a history exam, really. You need a computer that's virtualization capable is x64. Plenty of threads on these forums on the internet to get you started. Always Google!
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    New Caledonia is a French territory, we are connected to the France.

    What certifications do I spend on the internet? I'm looking for certifications relating to network because I have a degree specialty network.
    The Microsoft certification is not available on the net, there would he else would be possible to go through a training center online?
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    No, Microsoft must be physically taken at a testing center. I just had a look on the website and the following address showed up.



    Site Code

    Angle rues A. Brun et Dr Guegan
    BP 65

    There seems to be only one testing center on your island. So that's the one.

    What kind of job do you do? Are you into networks or servers?
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    It is good to have a Microsoft certification, there are many number of online training providers which can provide you with good stuff of knowledge along with certification, which can be affordable with low cost. It's a great market for developers and competitors. So it's even better if you have your certification because that gives you that one little edge you have against somebody that doesn't if you're going for the same job.
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