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This question has probably been asked multiple times previously, but I only found old threads.

I just nailed the Network+(already have the A+) and I`m trying to figure out how it counts towards the MCSA.

From the CompTIA website:

"Microsoft accepts a combination of CompTIA A+ with either CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Server+, as an elective for their MCSA (Microsoft Certified System Administrator) certification program for Windows Server 2003 and earlier operating systems only."

"For certifications after the Windows Server 2003 program, Microsoft does not accept any non-Microsoft exams as electives in their programs, including those from CompTIA."

"The Microsoft exams that provide an upgrade path from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 are scheduled for retirement July 31, 2013."

Looks like we are running out of time...
Is there any point taking the old 2003 exams and then upgrade by taking 2008 / 2012 exams, or is it easier just to jump straight on 2008 / 2012?
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    I would be interested to know this too... But too be honest 2003 is 10 years old now, people will be switching over to 2008 or newer every day.
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    Once you complete an MS exam, you will get an MCP ID and you use that to setup an account on the MCP page. From the MCP page, you can enter your CompTIA information to import you A+ and Network+.

    A lot of companies will by pushing to replace Windows 2003 before support expires in 2015.

    You need to take 290, 291, and 648 all before they retire at the end of July. I'm not sure if they will grant the MCSA 2003 after the exams retire, so you may also need to complete the MCSA 2003 client and elective before July.

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