What is it like to have CCNP

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Hello everyone

I'm new to this forum and I was hoping to get my answer to a question that I been so long wondering about. I recently have finished preparing for CCNA exam and I am ready to take my test and enter the Cisco world. The question I have is what is it like to have CCNP? How is the job demand and how are the working conditions? Does having CCNP certifications allows you to also work from home or would it be a 9 to 5 office hour?
I've been wondering for so long about this and would very much appreciate if my friends in CCNP and other experienced cisco degrees could share.


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    It's exactly the same.

    You might as well have asked how long is a piece of string. You could have a unqualified person doing the exact same job as a CCNP and at the same time another CCNP might be on the dole sitting at home on his or her arse.
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    It all depends on the job, and the person.
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    If you work in some crappy helpdesk job and trying to get somewhere then nothing will change with a CCNP, life just goes on the same. (I am going through this now)
    All it will give you is a chance to show you are dedicated but doesnt mean you're 100% set in a networking career at all.

    You have to have all the right conditions to fall into place to get a foot in the door still, and like everyone said, many factors contribute to this.
    Living in a big city will mean more jobs specific to networking you can apply for, who you currently work for, experience, do you have good referees
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    I walked into my current post (moved sideways) and apparently am the amongst the most qualified in the team already.

    That's all well and good, but then that means I am senior, and expected to pick everything up quickly. Thankfully I am the type of person that is able to do so, but at the end of the day - it is all down to one person - you.
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    It very much does depend on the job. I work with plenty of NPs that work in a NOC and I also know a bunch that work from home. With an NP though you should have a very strong grasp of networking technologies and that should allow you to springboard into many different routes / types of jobs.
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    The jobs would be the same, but in my experience, the CCNP definitely helps to close the expertise gap when you're working with senior-level network engineers. Some quality time discussing issues with CCIEs has helped me to expand my knowledge beyond what the CCNP covered and has helped me to earn that respect that comes with discussing architecture, performing peer reviews, or rocking out project configs.
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    I recently got my CCNP and I'm now working in the NOC for a data center. I am getting great experience.. help in setting up circuits T1, T3, and Metro Area Network (MAN) circuits. I get to log into various routers across the country and verify certain configs are correct. I've been here a couple weeks now and it seems pretty easy, but like i said great experience. Every now and then something will come up where I can maybe chime in such as an HSRP problem, OSPF talk, BGP processes, etc.

    I'm going to keep labbing occasionally and keep the cert strong that way when a big project or troubleshooting issue comes up I can try and help. I'm only Tier 1 for now which I'm fine with. Out of most the other current Tier 1's some have CCNA and the others don't. So I think once I've been there awhile I'd have a good chance for promotion in house. I hope, because this jobs pretty chill and badass so far.
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    I would like to know how it feels to be a CCNP ! Working on it now, hope to complete it in the next 4-6 months, if possible...icon_study.gif
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    CCIE, Pretty much. So use your imagination for CCNP

    Being serious, It really depends on the person. A great CCNA is better than a grumpy old CCNP who isn't willing to learn/update improve (as we have at our work).
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    Haha nice one dontstop.
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    depends on your job...i got it thinking I'd use the knowledge quite frequently..boy was I wrong..there were only a few things that came in handy..and I do get to touch certain things ( like Core Devices; whether it be route changes or ACL population etc..)..The company i'm with is very big on Voip so naturally i've been attached to that area of work, hence me working on my SIP-Certification.......I don't think i'll do CCIE..i'll just achieve other things so i can be a well rounded Tech so i can become a Network Engineer...a damn good one at that!..icon_cheers.gif
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    Honestly, it was great. For my former employer, it meant an automatic 10% pay raise and promotion. Ironically though, we had just finished with a tech refresh and by the time I finished with the certification, we didn't have any Cisco gear left with the exception of a few 7200 border routers.
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    Employers aren't going to be fighting for you. It is just a check box for some recruiters. What it will do is get you more interviews but if you lack experience it won't be that much of a help. Generally, IMO at least, certs will get you the interview but you are on your own after that. If you learn enough to just pass the exam and are not comfortable with the material, they will find out and you won't get far. But that certainly does not mean to not get a CCNP - if you want to study and learn new things than why not, what I'm trying to say is it's not golden ticket.
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    Job stuff

    Nothing changed as far as getting the cert, I don't have my certs on my business cards or email signature. Now during the process of getting my CCNP I noticed changes. I was able to sit in meetings and have a lot more say and input into the design of the wan as I had a pretty strong graps on BGP, and OSPF during my studies. Even before I finished my CCNP I was getting harder and harder assignments that the people that showed up with me at the same time were not getting. That was the change.

    Money stuff

    Depends on what type of company you are working for. When I got my CCNP I didn't get a raise, but the next company gave me a huge raise. At that same company once I got my CCNP V they didn't give me a raise, but the next company did. So you see where i"m going with it. At my current employer I have it in my offer letter for a raise when X cert is achieved.
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    Whats it like? Its awesome, you have a renewed sense of confidence that you know what you are doing, an feel like you are ready for the challenges of advanced networking. You get some high fives from your co-workers.

    Did it automatically get me a promotion? Nope, we are a small IT shop and I am at the top of the ladder anyway.

    Did it get me a raise? Not yet. Though we don't do raises mid fiscal year here anyway.

    In spite of that I still say go for it. Climb that mountain.
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    Kory wrote: »
    Did it automatically get me a promotion? Nope, we are a small IT shop and I am at the top of the ladder anyway.

    Did it get me a raise? Not yet. Though we don't do raises mid fiscal year here anyway.

    Dude, Nicely said. icon_lol.gif
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