New book "Linux+ Study Guide" Roderick Smith

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Hello All, has anyone else purchased this title? It covers both parts of the exam, however, looks to be about 200 pages each. Did you get another book to go along side this one or just going to use this book?

Also, should i read the content for the first test, take the first test, then continue onward or should i read the book all the way through before i take the full exam?

Thanks guys.


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    I have been reading the Linux Bible by Christopher Negus and Christine Bresnah and Linux Essentials by Roderick Smith. I also just bought the Linux+ Study Guide by Roderick Smith. The first two books I mention are pretty good overall. Although I haven't finished either one yet, but I'm about 75% into them. The Linux Bible is more in favor of the RH, CentOS, Fedora distributions, but he does state he will be covering those more, because he is an instructor for RH. For the Linux Essentials gives you a lot of background information and the philosophy of Linux and a lot more.

    Not sure if this really answers your question, but this is the route I'm going to get my Linux+ Cert.

    Good Luck
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    I just got the Essentials book and The Study Guide and I'm just getting started. I'm planning to study for first test, take it, and then do same for second test. If you're already real familiar with Linux then you could probably just do both at once (kind of like I took the A+ 2 exams in one day)
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    It looks pretty good.
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