Troubleshooting packet tracer labs

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Anyone else using Cisco Packet Tracer?

Fancy swapping some "broken" networks, so we could troubleshoot them?

GNS3 configs would work too.


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    Hello, Yes I am using Packet Tracer !
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    Here is one PT lab from me!

    LAB 01 - Router On a Stick

    Task :

    Configure the Ip addresses in the router with the last usable address (for the 3 subnets)

    Troubleshoot the VTP issue.

    When you fix everything, the pcs should be able to ping each other!

    Here is the File!

  • Darwin84Darwin84 Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
  • ntheonentheone Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Yes..I have seen them.

    I would like to share my packet tracer labs here, but I think I cant attach them here in the forum. How can I do it?
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    Thanks very much. I'll have a look at that one now. I'll put one up here too.
  • Darwin84Darwin84 Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□

    Found vtp domain missmatch and no addresses configured on the sub interfaces .20 and .30
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    Cool.. I am revising ICND2 Routing at the moment. I will share some labs soon. waiting for others to upload some labs too! icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks it was very helpful. Do you know where i can find more ?icon_cheers.gif
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    I think this is a great idea. I don't know that I have time to participate but I I see more posted I'll try to do them as I have time.
    I have not studied cisco in two months and already I feel rusty.
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    domain name mismatch at vtp,
    .... and also vlan30 n/w have not conf at router....
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