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I started my security+ course at WGU. The class uses LabSim for preparation along with the CompTIA Securit+ 301 Deluxe Study Guide. I've heard so many good things about Darril Gibson's book that I ordered it today and should be here on Tuesday.

My question is if I should follow the LabSim study material or just stick to Darril's book. I work in IT Telecom and have done it for a couple of years but I have never worked on the security side of IT.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Good question
    I am currently using Labsims for security plus, they seem pretty detailed
    But long and drawn out
    The questions at the end of each section can be confusing, as they were for net plus yet the helped me pass
    Professor Messer also has a video series that are just as good, just breaks things down into smaller bites
    I would use both book and video
    I would use both
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    I don't know if by Lab Sim you mean testout. That's what I used to study. I'll give you my thoughts on Testout.

    All the information is right on there. Super condensed. Don't overlook any of the fact pages, especially the Cryptology fact pages, and you should be fine.
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    All I used was D.G.'s book.
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    I used Darril's book and professor Messer. Both were excellent. Darril for learning material and Messer for reinforcement.
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    I too am a WGU student (or will be shortly)....I studied Darril's book as my main guide with little help from online videos...if you take care of business with Darril's book, you'll me on this. Good Luck. And you will smoke the test. ---Keith J.
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    Use the book that Darril wrote. It really is the handbook for success. And I'm not being biased. His book is the real deal. (but of course know your stuff)
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    CarlSaiyed wrote: »
    I used Darril's book and professor Messer. Both were excellent. Darril for learning material and Messer for reinforcement.

    Did the exact same thing. 1 read-thru of DG's book while taking notes. While I was reviewing my notes I went thru a couple of the PM videos to reinforce the knowledge. All I needed to pass.

    After reading DG's book, the Sec+ actually seemed ridiculously easy to me.
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    @YuckTheFankees, CarlSaiyed, KeithJagger, and DoubleNNs... Thanks for the kind words from all of you. I've been thinking seriously about writing a Network+ book using the same same Get Certified Get Ahead style that I used with the Security+ book. I'm taking it easy this year, but hearing that the Security+ book has been helpful to so many people is great motivation for me.
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    As a student at WGU, and also working on Security+, I will say that LabSim is a great extra practice test. My exam is Wednesday, and I can say that LabSim is thorough, but not as thorough as Darril's book. I wouln't count it out though. Its another way to see the material written in a different way to encourage reinforcement.
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    Practically any study aid is good. From taking and passing the exam I would recommend Darril Gibson's book. Pay attention to the "remember this" boxes through out the book. Every question I saw on the exam came from these boxes.
    The simulation questions didn't count for the final score on my exam, that being said, be sure to read the notices before you start the exam and it will let you know if they are being counted or not. Keep in mind the time spent on the simulations do count towards the total time allowed on the exam.
    Good luck on the exam.
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    Thank you Darril for your Security+ book and the youtube video's you did, it helped me study and pass my Security+ in little as 6 weeks after taking the Network+. I will be cracking open your Windows 7 Desktop support and Administration real soon for my 70-685 or 70-686.
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    I appreciate everyone's advice. Darril's book should arrive tomorrow. I'll post again after I take my exam in about 30 days (that is my goal). icon_cool.gif
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