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Hi Guys, hope your all good and for those studying for the CISSP I really hope preparation is going well!

I wanted to know if anyone has sat the UK CISSP Exam, and if they have, would it be a good idea to learn the Europe/UK based facts than US? For example, the fire suppression types, the laws pertaining to BCP plans (BS25999/ISO27031 instead of NIST) etc

I seem to have a grasp of the concepts in the Shon Harris book but obviously this and other books which have an emphasis on US approaches and am wondering if I need to read up to some depth of one's which maybe relevant to the UK.

I hope these questions to not break any rules on the test itself.

Any help would be appreciated. Approx 10 days to go!!


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    Just finished a CBK review and the current guide's BCP section is all drawn from BS 25999 and covers that mostly, but references ISO 22399.

    I asked a similar question and the instructor reckoned that anywhere it's important it should mention both (other examples are T1 lines, ISDN line numbers). Doesn't harm to learn both I reckon :)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks airdroid, that helps :)

    I will try and read up on some of the equivalent areas which are not explained as much in detail.
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    I did not sit for the CISSP exam in the UK, but I am of the understanding that the exam is the same all around the world and the only variations being the language, I could be wrong but this is what I was told when I was preparing for the exam.

    There is really no harm in being across it all just in case, all the best with your preparations.
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    I have heard that the international paper CISSP exam was actually a few exam items shorter than the USA paper exam because item about USA laws and regulations were not be included. With international CBT exams, USA-specific items are probably automatically excluded when the exam is generated. I have not seen anything on that would indicate there are non-USA-region-specific item in international (ISC)2 exams. Somebody please post the link to such information if it exists.
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    Thanks guys for the posts as always, I read in the Eric Conrad study guide that the exam is an international exam and always beware of questions which may be answered differently based on location...he does go onto mention to pick the best answer and not the answer for you given locale.
    But then provides variation of classes of fire based on locale, was a little confusing but I think I will have a quick read of the areas which may conflict but not read into it too much.
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