A+: short study guide (about 200 pages) for experienced IT guy (not guru)

crashdumpcrashdump Banned Posts: 134
Is there a short study guide (about 200 pages) for experienced IT guy? Wish to pass A+. I don't wish to read huge book for preparation. Only short, but everything what I need to know for exam.


  • DragonrangerDragonranger Member Posts: 101
    Check out "31 days before your Comptia A+ exam" By Ben Conry. Its around 200 pages. It was a pretty short read and honestly I found it more enjoyable than exam cram. Its not as detailed as exam cram but I think its really good for people who have experience with computers already.
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    Not sure how many pages it is but the Exam Cram booklet gives great study notes and plenty of practice exam questions.
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    I know I got notes somewhere. They were 70 pages long types, matched the objectives perfectly and were from someone who had just passed the exam.
    Apparently I had it on my computer for months and months. But I didn't remember and saw the file the day AFTER I passed my A+. So I deleted it.

    I really wish I hadn't, as it would have been the perfect thing to give to you. And it would have been free. However, idk where I got the notes from. Might have been from a website similar to this one. Check around - you might be able to find something good.

    Additionally, other than the 31 Days Before Your A+ and the A+ Exam Cram, there are also the profeser messer videos. If you watch them in VLC player you can accelerate the play speed. If you know the material already, try watching it in 2x or even 2.25x speed.
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  • crashdumpcrashdump Banned Posts: 134
    thanks. 31 Days Before Your CompTIA A+ Exams looks really nice. It's from 2011. Does it cover all objectives?
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