Chris Bryant Videos for ICND1?

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I was wondering if anyone has used the Chris Bryant Videos for ICND1. I have his ebook downloaded already. I have the exam scheduled in a few weeks and have been going through cbt nuggets. I was thinking of just switching to Chris Bryants videos along with Packet Tracer and the Boson Exam Max test. I have taken cisco classes years ago and been in I.T. for a while and I like Chris Bryants practical straight to the point way of teaching. Just wondering. I know I've asked a lot of questions up here but its so much info out there and I guess I get overwhelmed sometimes.
Thanks guys


  • Grafixx01Grafixx01 Member Posts: 109 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm using his CCNA videos, I like them. Informative. I've combined it with the Todd Lammel 7th Edition CCNA book along with Packet Tracer. Want to try to make sure I pass it the first time and know what I'm talking about!
  • jsb515jsb515 Member Posts: 253
    I used Chris's CCNA videos on and well worth the $40 spent.
  • veritas_libertasveritas_libertas CISSP, GIAC x5, CompTIA x5 Greenville, SC USAMember Posts: 5,746 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I'm using them and I think there great. It's nice to be able to have access to uDemy on pretty much all of my devices.
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    I just wrapped up Chris Bryant's series as well as Jeremy Cioara's. Jeremy seems to be a little easier on the ears but thats just me. I did Udemy first and CBT Nuggets second. I can tell you that I learned something new (or explained better) with CBT Nuggets. I tried both subnetting techniques and understood both, the light came on a bit brighter after the Nuggets though. I am thinking I can't go wrong with both.
  • beach5563beach5563 Member Posts: 344 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate your input. I think I will just finish with CBT nuggets and then go through Chris Bryants videos with Packet Tracer, after that I will do the Boson Exam Maxx stuff and mybe use the sybex book to fill in the gaps maybe, just a thought.
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