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So I have this horrible issue with reading comprehension. Sometimes I have to read something several times to understand what it is. Weather or not I remember what I finally may have comprehended is another thing! I've learned my computer trade through just digging in and being interested in computers since I was a kid.

So what I have been doing is going over the questions at the end of each chapter and checking the ones I got wrong and reading up on them. What I also do with each question individually is try to without looking it up, explain what the other answers are that are not correct so that I know what they are.

As of now without reading the book chapters all the way through answer each end-chapter question but about three on average correctly. So I am going over the questions again to touch up.

I have found that the iPhone app has been very helpful in getting these questions answered correctly and understanding what the other answers mean even though they might not be the correct answer. When I feel I have mastered the chapter questions I was planning to do the same with the final practice test at the end.

I am not saying I will not read the chapters but somehow it seem this is the easiest way for me to get on the ball and start memorizing material. Anyone else study in this way? Please give me recommendations if you have any.

(I have also taken a pre Security plus class through my local community college in conjunction with and I got an A. Even though I got an A in that class I don't for some reason feel like I absorbed all the materal.)

I took the PRE SCP class the same way and got a B. Anyway. Please throw out any suggestions. And has anyone had any luck with studying this way on the actual test? What do YOU think of the phone app as well?

So I bought the book. I have two copies of the book one is brand new the other a bit used. So when I am done I will sell them to someone on this forum if they are so interested.


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    In all honesty, the Security+ test is cake. I passed it in 13 minutes with a 98, I believe. If you took a class and did the testout with the results being an A, you shouldn't have any issues with the test. In all honesty, Security+ is mainly theory, there isn't really much hands on applicability to it, or to most of it anyway as far as I have seen unless your job is in IT Security, then it would be a decent starting point. You need to do what is best for you as everyone is not the same taking these tests. There is a site that I have been on where a guy had like 80+ certs but all he did was do the **** and take the test. He could memorize the braindumps but did not actually know anything about it. Trust me, if you got an A, you more than likely absorbed the materials. Do the practice tests that are on the 'net ad the ones in the book, you should be good.
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    I call bullshit Graf. First, score range is 100-900. Second, you did not answer 100 questions in 13 minutes.
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    I believe Graf's rate of completion and score are not entirely relevant to the question at hand. As far as skipping to the end of the chapter and doing the questions, I do this if I cannot focus on what I am reading. I try to study for a set amount of time each day but sometimes I simply cannot focus on the reading material. Some people may say all you are doing is memorizing the answers and not learning the materials, but as long as you understand WHY the answers are right or wrong, the method of learning really does not matter much.

    Do what you have to in order to pass, if that means starting with the questions then reading for the answer instead of just reading the chapter, then by all means. The only thing I will caution you on is the fact that a chapter may contain more detailed information than the questions cover, which could leave you lost on an official exam.
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    Grafixx01 wrote: »
    ...There is a site that I have been on where a guy had like 80+ certs but all he did was do the **** and take the test. He could memorize the braindumps but did not actually know anything about it.
    fyi: Using a brain **** is cheating and a violation of the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. See the third bullet under #4 at the following link: CompTIA Candidate Agreement

    Also, relying solely on practice tests and/or brain **** will not help you truly learn the material.
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    Thank you for the replies. And the suggestions. My job does have some aspects of security even though I am not in a security specific position. A lot of the things that go on in my work place have a lot to do with what is covered in the classes for Sec+. So I try to find out what work experience I come across to relate to it instead of just memorizing answers the answers. I try to however memorize what the other choices are when doing each question as well.

    I think everyone deals with things like Certificates and possibly encrypted email message. Just as well as SSL https vendor purchase transactions. But where I work They are using CCTV and such and setting up security systems that make learning this more fun. Even though I am not directly involved.

    What I think I am most worried about on the test is if the wording of the questions throw me off. I'll do the best I can to do what is needed to pass though.
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    As long as you're trying to comprehend the material, any method of study that works for you is OK.

    The end of chapter questions in the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-301 Study Guide will help you focus on key testable material so doing them first and then reviewing the material that isn't clear, is an option. College grades are often inflated so the grade doesn't always give you a good indication of your comprehension and comprehension is the most important.

    Good luck.
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