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Hi all,

after reading some stuff on CCNP home labs I came across 'ISDN simulators'.

I understand that these devices emulate a phone line on which you can actually place calls and stuff which will go out on a second channel of the simulator.

After seeing the prices of those boxes I wonder if it wouldn't be sufficient to buy a very small telephone system (like 4 port ISDN) with an internal bus. One should then be able to place internal calls and connect routers together this way or am I missing something here ??

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    the $600 one is the one i have. it works fine.
    i broke down and bought it.

    the company that makes it is located in england
    it would be hard to put it togther on your own.
    you'd have to have a good working knowledge of isdn/bri.
    signaling, spids ... etc.
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    these are good if your on a budget and dont want to fork out $600! I have a similar model and it does most things execpt SPID
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    Even though it will emulate ISDN traffic... but spids is what is important in the NPs studies. Unless of course, Ive been studying the wrong stuff! icon_sad.gif
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    Most ISDN in the UK and Europe don't use SPIDs if I remember correctly. I believe that's pretty much a US thing for the last few years anyway. I did a bunch of ISDN work on US and UK circuits a few years ago (kind of dying out now) and knowledge of SPIDs is a very small portion of understanding ISDN. If you want to really play in the ISDN world, you need to figure out call set up and tear down. A lot of this goes above the the remote access exam level if I remember correctly, but to do it for real you need to understand it.

    Course you won't find many job opportunities for an ISDN engineer :P

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    wonder if prices of ISDN sims will go down with ISDN being pulled from the CCIE Lab?
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    If you do a search on eBay for vconsole, you will get a listing for a CCIE that is selling the new 2 port simulators for $595.

    Yes it does hurt but it is less than MSRP and he is very helpful. If you have any doubts on it, check the feedback I left him as kcdavis2. Mine arrived the next afternoon and he gave me his phone number and direct email if I had any questions.

    Just trying to help. I know how expensive it is. My last 2 routers arrived today for a total of 12.
    KC Sends
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