link type in OSPF: transit network? stub network

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I learned four types of link types when studying OSPF LSA. They're

point-to-point connection to another router
connection to a transit network
connection to a stub network
virtual link

Is it about network topology like PTP, broadcast, or, NBMA? but what is a transit network, or, stub network?


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    Correct me if Iam wrong because I ve read this before but im not sure about the reliability of my informations :P (since its something not included in CCNA) For understanding what a transit network is consider the following example : Its an "intermediate" area that connects 2 devices which belong to a different area. area1 --> area0 --> area 2. For a device connected to area1 to be able to be connected to a device of area 2 area0 is a transit network and you have to set a virtual link between the "last" routers in area1 and area2.
    A stub network is an internal network, usually a LAN that carries data packets only among local hosts. Data on a stub network is destined for an endpoint located on that network (default gateway for example). Network traffic on a stub network is local and doesnt travel off the internal network.
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    Transit vs network has nothing to do with crossing area boundries. Basically anything with a DR is considered a transit and pretty much everything else is a stub network.
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