Should I change paths and just pursue Network+ now instead of ICND1, been around I.T.

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I know some of you will probably think I'm nuts but do you think there is an advantage of getting the Network+ certification first. The reason i'm asking is:
1) I have missed a few opportunities for NOC and Network Tech/administrator jobs and I have a good feeling if I had Network+. As a matter of fact I had to take a online test for one position recently and a lot of the questions look like they came from Network+ stuff. I have a telecom and tech support background and have been around the IT atmosphere since 1998 basically but I dont have a cert or degree at all, I'm surprised I lasted this long. I feel like it could be the perfect missing piece for me right now for some reason but thats just my opinion.

2)If I were to get Network+ I could probably prepare and take the single CCNA course afterwards, just a thought

I know I'm working on CCNA now but I think with all my real world experience the Network+ could get me back in the game and it has a lot of cross the board general concepts that are used in Help Desk, Network Tech/administrator and NOC positions from what I've seen. I've just been doing a lot of thinking on this. I already have the ICND 1 scheduled and all but this just was just on my mind and wanted advice. It just seems that its more cross the board and would allow me to have a variety of options as far as jobs based on my experience already in the field. Been laid off since Jan 2012 and trying to get back in the game again. Have good basic skills in a lot of areas from Telecommunications to tech support and monitoring web app performance.



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    You should look over the objectives of both exam and you will see that the Network+ and ICND1 are pretty much equivalent in nature. I would say finish the ICND1 first since you have it scheduled the brush up on the microsoft stuff and then take the Network+.
    If you can pass the ICND1 you can pass the Network+ exam.
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    Now my opinion might be bias, but I don't think that N+ is even in the same ballpark of value as Cisco certs. Just my two cents. CCNA will teach you a legitimate skill working with IOS. Network+ does not teach you configuration, it teaches you the concepts and foundation of Networking. CCENT at least will give you basic configuration of routers and switches. I haven't been in IT for long, but I can tell you that if I was hiring entry level for networking, and I had two resume's in front of me, one with network+, and one with CCENT, I would choose the CCENT.

    You are going to learn pretty much the same stuff in CCENT as you would in Network+ except you get work with IOS
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    Ok thanks so much guys, I appreciate your input, thats a good point about the configuration stuff which I have done a lot of when I took ccna classes years ago, thats one thing I do remember is that the teacher told us how important that is.
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