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I need to backup an IOS image from a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch on my computer and after that to upload that image on a Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch that has no IOS.
I tried with a tftp server but get a bunch of errors.
Can someone help me?

Thank you


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    Can you explain what steps you've taken so far so we can get an idea of where to start helping? Are you able to ping the TFTP server from the Switch?
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    Well i connect the switch to the laptop, i put management on the switch, I am able to ping the managemnt interface on the switch from my laptop, i downloaded a software that help making a tftp server on my laptop.All good since now, when I try to downloade the image from switch on my laptop i get request timeout, also I must say i can ping from the switch my laptop.
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    This is the software


    But i don't know if it needs some settings or I just need to install it
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    I get the following error when trying to copy

    %Error opening tftp:// (Permission denied)
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    Here are the commands

    copy flash:c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA11.bin tftp://
    Address or name of remote host [ ]?
    Destination filename [c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA11.bin]? c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA11.bin
    TFTP: error code 2 received - Access violation

    %Error opening tftp:// (Permission denied)
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    Is your PC firewall on? Can the switch ping the PC? Also some TFT app have a start button. My favorite one started automatically and I lost the file and download another TFTP app and the start button was hidden. Also try this combo:
    copy flash tftp [enter]
    (Source file) c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA11.bin [enter]
    (Address or name of remote) [] ? [enter]
    (Destination filename) [c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA11.bin] ? [enter]
    the thing in bold is what the switch will say. Good luck.
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    Once you install the TFTP software, you'll need to start the service in the TFTP program. Take note of where the TFTP program uses its default storage folder. Go to the switch, then copy the IOS to the laptop.

    This guy uses Solarwinds' TFTP software to backup an IOS -

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    Also note that you might have to alter the tftp server config to allow writing. I used a tftp and struggled for half an hour before I found out the default set up said you could read but not write to the tftp server.
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    I setup 3 2950 switches. On SW1, I set Fa0/1 to access mode and connected it with a crossover cable to my home network (switch). Normally, you would want to trunk from switch-to-switch, but home grade switches don't support trunking. Then, I connected all the switches with 802.1q Trunks. I assigned an IP Address to VLAN 1 on each switch and configured Telnet access (username and password, login local, and transport input telnet). This way I can access the switches from anywhere on my home network. In fact, if I opened a port on my router, I could even telnet in remotely. I'll probably wait until I can get an IOS image that supports encryption so that I can use SSH for remote access as Telnet is little better than leaving your equipment wide open to anyone and everyone with a copy of Wireshark.

    Alternatively, you can simply plug the computer with the TFTP Server into one of the ports on the switch. Just make sure that the port and PC are configured with an IP Address on the same subnet and that the switch port is up/up. You might have to issue a no shutdown command. Also, if your PC has more than 1 NIC (e.g. Wireless and Wired)...make sure that the correct interface is selected in the TFTP Server program. It may be listening on the Wireless when you want it to listen on the Wired port.

    I use CertificationKits' TFTP Server and it works perfectly. You can download it here: Free CiscoKits CCNA TFTP Server
    Security: CCNA [ ]
    Virtualization: VCA-DCV [ ]
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