Passed Security+ (My thoughts)

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First off, Darril Gibson's book and Google were my only resources for preparation. I started studying Jan. 1st on and off while also completing liberal arts work at WGU.

When I say that his book and Google are all you need. I really mean it. The test was a cakewalk. I scored 837/900 and breezed through the whole thing. That is how a cert test is supposed to be. I might have scored higher if I took my time. I didn't get any of the performance questions that everyone has been talking about.

Here is how I used Darril's book. Keep in mind, I used the Pomodoro Method (google it for more details) for studying.

1. With the PM study method, you set a mechanical timer (or digital, but it has to have a ticking noise) for 20 minutes. In this 20 minute period, you focus on a couple of sections (a section is defined as a area with a bolded topic). If you have issues with attention deficit disorder (like me), you can also record yourself reading the sections with Windows Sound recorder or an alternative, and listen to yourself after recording.

2. After focusing on two or less sections for 20 minutes, your timer will go off. Now it's time for a 5 minute break. Set your timer for 5 minutes. Do anything you want as long as it's not related to what you're studying. I also recommend that you DON'T start surfing the web. Get up out of your chair, grab a beer, yell at the kids, kiss your wife. Something physical.

3. When the 5 minute timer goes off, set another 20 minutes, and start it all over again.

4. Complete steps 1 - 3 until an hour has passed and then you're done for the day. Don't try to cram anything more beyond that hour. The brain can only retain so much after cramming for 5 hours.

5. At the end of every chapter, I did all practice questions. I also thoroughly read the chapter reviews.

6. Periodicly, I would re-visit the previous chapter's practice test for review.

7. Month and half later, passed the exam.
WGU - Bachelors of Science - Information Security
Start Date: Jan. 1st, 2012


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