Ccna pass!!

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I just passed the ICND2!! icon_cheers.gif

The exam was a beast!! My score was a 930/1000, which makes it even sweeter. I took the exam about 2 weeks ago and failed with an 804, I'm so pumped now!! I feel like a networking god.

I used the following materials:

YOU Guys!! This forum was a huge help!! icon_thumright.gif

So glad I passed and I'm ready to move on to the next level. I'm on the fence between CCNA-Service Provider OR CCNP. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks All!


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    why do you think you failed the first time and how did you improve and not fail the second time around?
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    2013 goals (old)
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    2013 goals (new job means new focus)
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    That gns3vault website is awesome
    / \
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    congrats and thanks for the site looking over it now.
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    High Five! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats jude56g.icon_lol.gif How long did you study for it ?
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    Congrats! Can't wait to be in your position!
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    Good job.
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    I got an 804 too 1 week ago and I was wondering how long I should wait before retaking and you just answered it. Did you do anything different in preparing for the second test?
    And of course, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!:)
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    Nice job, congrats!
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