Which cert should I go for next?

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Hi guys,

I'm in a bit of a quandry as to which cert to go for next so thought I'd open it up to the 'wisdom of the crowd' for a bit of advice.

I'm a web dev by trade and I don't need the certs for my current job this is more for a future career move which could involve a move overseas to Asia.

The certs I already have are -
MCSD Windows Store Apps using HTML5 (including the HTML5 specialization)
Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3
Magento Certified Developer

The ones I could for are -

MCSA Windows 7 MCITP EA Windows 7 + MCSA Windows 8 Upgrade
Pro - gives me a general cert for desktop environments to broaden career choice when I move overseas
Cons - No real experience job wise apart from a year in a computer retailer

(This is my current favourite because I can get 4 certs in 4 exams)

Linux + / LPIC 1
Pro - I already have web server management experience
Con - i don't really want to go in to full on sysadmin / and/or learn sysadmin role

Zend Framework Certified Engineer 1
Pro - Already reasonably proficient in it
Con - It's based on a 4 year+ outdated version of the framework

Oracle Mysql Developer
Pro - Validates experience in MySQL
Con - Is it really worth anything outside of the DBA field ? (+ it's expensive)

Networking cert - which I'm not sure...Network+ ? CCNA ?
Pro - Broaden career options
Con - Most certs seem to be renewable and would it really fit my career path ?

I'd rather not collect a lot of certs that I have to renew. I'd rather concentrate on ones that are really worth it so don't see the point of pursuing say A+

Any suggestions appreciated ?



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    This may take you by surprise, but, other than certs, what degrees do you have?

    Do you already have, say, a Master's in Computer Science?
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    I already have 2 Batchellor degrees one with hardcore IT and one with web dev in it so don't really want to embark on that trail again LOL
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    What do see yourself doing or plan on doing in the future? I would start from there to narrow down the list of certs.
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