Network+ Reference Sheets?

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Hey guys I'm using the book and CBT Nuggets to study for the exam. I often find myself laying in bed at night unable to sleep and have realized that would be an awesome time to have a little reference sheet to go over acronyms, basic facts, etc. I've tried looking online and havent found much of anything so far. Does anyone have anything like this or know of where I can find stuff like this?
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  • BaackBaack Posts: 64Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    I dont know of any

    I used index cards and made my own per subject

    Good luck
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    One thing that I did that kind of really brought the whole thing together for me was print out the objectives and then watch the Professer Messer videos, he follows the objectives 1 by 1. I take the test on Monday and feel very confident of passing.
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    I had a great little **** sheet for Net+ back when I took mine... I'll see if I can drag it up.

    Edit: Found it over on ProProfs. It's nothing fancy but I printed this before I sat my Net+ and studied it for about 15-30 minutes in my car before my appointment.

    Network+ Cram Notes - Proprofs
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    LearnSmart has a reference sheet for Network+ its 3 bucks and I think its for N10-004 exam they may have 005 exam not sure though
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    Thank you for the link. Really helpful...


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    Make your own. CREATING the sheets is great practice and you'll remember the material better. You'll also be sure to include everything you need to know that way, since you'll know what parts are hard or not fully solidified for you as an individual instead of using a mass produced sheet.

    That' what I do - make my own charts/tables.
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