New to the boards, would greatly appreciate some advice..

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Hi guys,
New to the forums, been browsing for a few days now and I've just signed up, great community!

I'm in need of some advice from some of you IT Professionals, and I would greatly appreciate it. I've been in IT for about 4 years now, but its mostly been entry level PC Technician break-fix work. I've pulled a bold move middle of last year and quit my job to focus 100% on getting some certifications for both expanding my knowledge and accreditation. So far, I've managed to acquire my A+ and Network+ certifications by myself (self-study). I've also signed up for a IT training school, in which I kind of regret. The "educational consultant" just basically threw a bunch of classes at me, with no order, or advice. The courses are below:

70-640 Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration70-642 Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration
70-643 Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure Configuration
70-647 Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administration
70-685 Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician
70-680 windows 7 configuring

The classes (in my opinion) are out of order, with the first class being 70-640 and the last few classes being 70-685 and 70-680.
They are also bootcamp classes, all of them starting and finishing within 2 months, I'm afraid taking all those classes at the same time, will be too much??? I am seriously re-thinking this situation, and maybe cancel the courses and self-study the next in line easiest exam, but which in your opinion is that? maybe the 70-680?

I cannot afford to stay unemployed too much longer, although there is a little amount of tolerance for now, maybe another 2 months or so. My question to you guys is:

1. Should I maybe start looking for jobs with my A+ and Network+ certs under my belt?? (start gaining experience) and continue my certs on the side or...
2. Should I try to get atleast one or two more certs under my belt? for a chance of landing a better job the first time and finally
3. Which certs should I attack next? in terms of easier of all listed.

I'm just trying to take advantage of my situation, and launch my career as QUICK as possible, but I don't want to end up with and be stuck with another entry level job. I will eventually try to get all those certs listed and more, (cisco certs) but as for now, I need to jump back into the field before I lose too much valuable time and experience. Please advise me guys, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


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    I not a big fan of bootcamps for technical courses. Ifyou are know the subject and just need to bush up on somethings and need alittle structure to help bootcamp may work out but if you are new to thesubject I don't think boot camps are the way to go. Whose boot camp are youtaking? First you have to pick a direction that you want to go server ordesktop.
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    The bootcamps are from netcom learning. I agree with you, thats why I'm hesitant on taking all of them. I guess I would like to start with desktop to get my feet wet and earn some experience, then from there move on to server? I'm not sure if I should continue on to my next certification right now, earn it and then look for jobs, or if to just start applying for jobs with just my A+ and Network+.
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    With the A+ and Network+ and the experience you have should be able get a helpdesk job. I would look at the objectives of the windows 7 courses and go from their but I would pass on the configuration course you probably did that in Network+ and do the Enterprise 7 course while looking for a job.
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    Thank you for the advice. I guess I'll work on my 70-685 while job hunting. If anyone else can chime in, I'd appreciate it.. thanks again!
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    Option 1 is your move.

    You already have an employment "gap" of almost a year. It's crucial, IMO, that you get employed before that becomes a full year.

    I would also skip the bootcamps. The $ is better spent on study materials & exam fees.

    The 70-680 is the easiest exam listed.

    Obviously, judging by you having obtained A+ & Network+ certifications through self-study, you're able to be successful in independent-study so why are you even considering wasting time & $ on these bootcamps?
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    Thank you, I'm very much appreciative for the advice and as weird or insecure as it may seem, it has put my mindset in the right place.
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    job experience wins everything! :)

    if u really love to work with clients, i'd recommend windows 8 certificate, Linux+ & Apple certificates
    if not, go for 70-642 / 70-410 (OR) CCNA then CCNP / CCNA Security / CCNA Voice etc.
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