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This might be more appropriate in the IT Jobs/Degree section, but maybe not.

What kind of jobs can one expect to get with the CCNA:Voice? Looking at job postings, all I see are jobs for Voice Engineers or Sr. Voice Engineers with CCNP/CCIE : Voice level knowledge.

Unless the material you learn in the CCNA:Voice is enough to adequately manage and support SMBs. Are there entry level voice jobs in the market? If not, what is essentially the point of attaining the CCNA:Voice cert?


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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Certifications do not equal jobs. A CCNA Voice could help you with any sort of job involving Cisco voice, but there aren't companies out there building their positions around certifications.

    The point of getting the CCNA Voice is the same as getting any other certification. It shows potential employers you are competent with the tested subject matter.
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  • JasonITJasonIT Member Posts: 114
    I am working on my CCNA:V currently. I have a job in the telecom/ISP industry.CCNA was a requirement for the job and they are funding my CCNA:V. I think Voice is a rapidly growing area. With more people getting fiber to the home and businesses using VOIP, Voice is gathering steam.

    As stated above, certs do not equal jobs, but it always boosts your resume IMO.
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