MCSD - Help me.. Urgent ..

I got MCSD voucher for 2 exams ..

So , I Wish to take MCSD . But I am confused about taking which track ..

Web Applications or Windows Store App

Need all of your help in choosing this ..

Which Will b best for employment purpose ? icon_sad.gif

What are the recertification policy ? .. Do i need to write all 3 exams after 2 years ?

Thank you ...


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    mrploddymrploddy Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□
    It's quite clearly stated on the MCSD pages that there is a recertification policy.

    You won't redo the same exam - instead there will be a recertification exam like the current upgrade exams eg "Recertifying your skills for MCSD Web applications". This will be released in 2 years or so when the first round of re-certifications comes around.

    As for which one - Windows Store Apps is still relatively new so the number of people actively recruiting Windows App specialists will be low compared to standard web apps but then again it depends on

    a) What interests you more - apps or standard web apps
    b) Your level of experience / knowledge / portfolio of work

    Also don't forget that the Javascript / HTML5 / CSS skills you learn can be easily cross transferred to other types of web work. You could easily certify on one but be able to do the other with the appropriate amount of study and time spent labbing.

    Just the cert alone will not get you a job, it's a combination of your formal education eg high school/degree, certs and on the job experience so you need to weigh all that up and make the right choice for you.
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    muneebkalathilmuneebkalathil Member Posts: 148
    Thank You :)

    So , I think I Should go for web Applications ..

    And One more doubt ..

    If I dont write Recertification xam .. then will my mcsd become invalid .. or still i will me an mcsd . ??
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    mrploddymrploddy Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Your certification once it passes the time limit will be listed as "inactive / expired'. You still have an MCSD but it's no longer current / active because you haven't passed the re-certification exam.

    Microsoft are currently evaluating the possibility of continuing education units like CompTIA but nothing has been announced so for the time being assume you would need to do a re-certification exam to keep your certification current.
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    fakhruldeenfakhruldeen Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi muneebkalathil
    I've received the same offer from prometric ..
    but I have a question .. how do you apply the voucher?
    do you apply it in the first exam of the pack of 2 ?
    or when you sign up for the second exam?
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