New to virtualisation, what course/exam can i start with?

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Would like to start on virtualisation certs, where do I start?

I work in IT and need further develop my skills.



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    If you want to go the VMware route look at the VCP5-DV certification and the vSphere: Install Configure Manage training.

    More info here: VCP-Datacenter Virtualization
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    My suggestion will be to start from the basics, download Vmware workstation/Virtual PC and play around with the technology. One you are familiar with Virtualization then start your journey to the technology which sparks your interest. For me it started with Windows and then moved on to Vmware but everyone has their own path to follow. If you like Vmware then VCP is the way to go, but there are other technologies out there which you may also want to explore before you make the choice.
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