70-410 Practice Questions

I'm about to take 70-410, but I'm having trouble finding practice questions that aren't ****. I'm somewhat new to Microsoft testing (I'm a Linux admin who recently jumped to the Microsoft world) and honestly, I had a bad experience last time. The exam didn't test my knowledge of the technologies at all, but was almost completely a test of how well I memorized powershell commands and licensing requirements. I'd like to find out if 70-410 is like that as well, or if I should expect to be tested on my understanding of the underlying technology and concepts.

I realize I might not actually be able to ask this due to it being an NDA violation, so let me know if that's the case. I'd appreciate anyone who has taken this exam to tell me what they can about it (with the understanding that that may be nothing), but I'm mostly hoping that someone can point me towards some practice questions or exams from a legitimate source.

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    I have not seen any legitimate practice tests for the 2012 exams yet. I'm using the CBTNuggets series which is great training material. I haven't seen anyone else with material yet, actually there isn't a great deal of books yet either. I did take the 410 earlier this week and it wasn't too tough; CBT Nuggets, Exam Ref guide from MS Press, and a few labs was plenty prep. If you don't have a lot of MS experience then you'll want to spend some considerable time with labs, Technet, and Microsoft Virtual Academy.
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