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Some of us are starting the ICM class at Stanly college in a few weeks. For those of you who have taken the class elsewhere, is there anything you would suggest we do before starting the class? I'm guessing at least read the book.


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    Yeah read the book, familiarize yourself with some of the concepts and have a basic understanding of vSphere, really. Perhaps build yourself a lab at home. You'll learn more that way since you can break stuff at will, and fix it too. With the course lab, I think you've got to complete all the labs first, the instructor grades them as you go and once you've completed all of them you can get him to reset the entire lab. That's why you can go nuts with their lab.

    A word of caution, although the training class is good and it's great to do all the training labs, the exam is definitely harder than the course. The course book is NOT enough to get you a 300 score on the exam. Supplement with Scott Lowe's Mastering vSphere 5 book and both the storage and networking guides from VMware. You'll need to lab everything up in that book and the guides, and then lab some more.
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    If you plan on taking the VCP5-DV certification exam, you should head over to this page on the VMware site and at least download the exam blueprint: VCP-Datacenter Virtualization
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    Read the book if you have time and write down any questions you may have. I honestly got the most out of the questions that others and I asked in class that weren't covered by the book.

    The instructors are usually quite valuable resources.

    Enjoy your class, it's a fun one!
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    Agree with Akaricloud for best results go through the material once before the class and use the labs fully to play around and familiarize yourself with the environment. I did go through Scott Lowe's & VCP5 Certification Guide before the class started and it gave me a much better results.
    If you dont have the time then atleast go through the VCP5 Certification Guide
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