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I was wondering if you feel learning/certing 70-461 would pay dividens for a data analyst. I start a new position tomorrow and the data analyst role requires SQL within Access and Excel. However once I am off of this project they want to transition me into VB.net and SQL, which I assume would be more around pure T-SQL within MS SQL Server.

Is this a bit much for a data analyst in your opinion or a good fit?

Just curious because I am going to have my hands ful when I transition to VB. (In other words is it worth is in your opinion or is it an overkill)?



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    Well, if they are willing to pay for it then it wouldn't hurt to study for it and pass. Even if they don't foot the bill for the cert the knowledge gained would still be useful to you so my answer is it's never too much. Just curious though, how has the CAPM? I'll probably go for that after CCNA Security.
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    I studied for the PMP for about 4 months failed and took the CAPM and passed. 1 month of hardcore studying should put you in a good place.
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    is this position a entry level are you trying to be a database administator
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    It's starting off mid level and moving to advance. Not going to be a DBA, but transitioning into BI.

    My boss already has me on a VB.net track and I am going to be utilizing SQL queries heavy. He wants to get away from using Excel, which I am really good at! Bummer!
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    how would I get into a field working with databases
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    Hello N2IT,

    I am a DBA at a company and we have a handful of Data analysts at our company. Some of the data analysts have passed 70-433 (DB development mostly querying for 200icon_cool.gif and it has helped them immensely with their positions. I would definitely recommend at least reading/learning the material for 70-461. I recently passed the 70-457 and I learned a handful of useful tips for querying.

    Good luck!
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    I am currently reading on 70-461 hopefully I will take the exam
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    UA thanks for the heads up. Yeah I tried 433 about 2 years ago but failed (550). Not to good as you can see.

    I plan on getting the 461 CBT and labbing, which is nice because we just stood up a VM SQL cluster at work for reporting. Read only and historical but good data to mine. I'll be comparing and reconciling against other databases with similiar data.
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    its just certain people think that I shouldn't do it because maybe i am not selling my self on the skills i learned through college and on my own through the interviews even though i have less than a year of experience. also i consider my self as a fresher who is trying to gain skills on his own to pursued a career in database/networking. also people think maybe i should pursude another career field instead of it because maybe people think i am not good enough and i just graduated from college
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