Passed CISSP - 1st attempt !!

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Hey Guys !!

After long time gave the exam ... and passed !!

My best wishes to all members who are planning to take up the exam
and congratulations to all those who have passed.

Well, honestly I didn't prepare much, and didn't get the time to read whole book - the official CBK. I rescheduled exam few times, due to time constraints, but still it didn't add up in preparation.

However, I wont say its recommended to prepare less - but I will like to share just a small tip to those who find themselves in similar situation like mine -

I did read the Glossary of the Official CBK - checking concepts and terminology 1 by 1. It helped me to identify the concepts which I didn't know, or needed some memory refresh. I quickly read them from the book or other reading materials. Sometimes also googled these terms, and read the information from internet.

During exam - took 2-3 breaks and kept couple of cans of energy drink to drink (personal choice) but it helped !!

However, I have already done CISA, CISM, CEH and also have work exp in info-sec and IT audit around 10 yrs, hence during exam also used the practical approach and learning from the job.

Overall its a challenging exam and its mostly based on eliminating choices than selecting choices.
and almost all questions will require logic and common sense.

once again - my best wishes to all CISSP aspirants !!



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