Taking A+ core hardware in a few weeks need help

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Goning to take the A+ test in a few weeks and was wondering what format the questions come in. Is the A+ computer based and the OS a written exam?


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    Hello Gerald C

    Your best bet is to visit www.comptia.org to get the info on the exams. Both are multiple choice exams, about 80 questions each with a scoring range of 100 - 900. You can pick up the objectives for the exam here as well as see a small sample exam.

    Also, visit sites like this and www.mcmcse.com for practise exam questions.

    Pass mark for Core is 515 and for OS is 505.

    Good luck!

  • duckduckduckduckduckduck Member Posts: 45 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Gerard C wrote:
    Is the A+ computer based and the OS a written exam?

    They are both computer based. All questions are multiple choice and you get 2 hours to complete each test. Also, be forewarned that a good number to the multiple choice questions are in the format of "select all that apply" - so they kind of differ from traditional multiple choice tests.

    They also have kind of a neat deal where you can check a box labelled "review" on any questions you are unsure of. Then, after answering the final question, you have the option of returning to any questions you've flagged to re-assess them.

    Good luck!
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