Looking for CCNA Lab setup w/ hardware & cables - ran across this - opinions?

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The CCNA - CCNA & CCENT Cisco Certification Study Lab Kit - NetCertLabs

I'm not advertising for them.
It just seems after a lot of research online, this seems like with a few extra value added items at the bottom its good.

Or is this a tad pricey?
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  • NotHackingYouNotHackingYou Member Posts: 1,460 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Seems expensive. Plus:

    3 Switches that will Conduct Proper Spanning Tree Elections
    - STP Device Election & Configuration
    - VTP Database Setup
    - 802.1Q InterVLAN Trunking & Routing
    3 Routers that will Conduct Proper Routing Protocol Elections
    - RIPv1/v2 EIGRP OSPF BGP Device Election
    - Proper Path Costing
    - Multi-Protocol Networks

    This is what you are learning to do in the CCNA material anyway, so you will be the one to configure this. It doesn't matter if the equipment is already set up for it.
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  • jdballingerjdballinger Member Posts: 252
    Honestly I'd say it's probably not worth it. All the incidental stuff is nice to get in one big bundle, but realistically you should be making any cables involving Cat5 yourself. The console cables and serial crossover cables can be purchased cheap online, either through Amazon or CablesAndKits. Don't get hung up on the inclusion of SDM (whooo! Nobody uses this anymore!) and CallManager Express (not difficult to setup on your own if you are going that route.)

    Also, the switches that are included are not sufficient for anything other than CCNA (and then, barely.)

    If you are buying gear, I highly recommend hitting some of the other threads on this board about equipment, and do some research in parting it out. It sometimes might seem like more money (sometimes it is, not going to lie to you), but when it is all said and done, nothing can replace the experience you gain by researching your own lab.

    Just out of curiosity, how far are you looking to go, if at all, past CCNA?

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  • prtechprtech Member Posts: 163
    That's expensive. I sold something similar recently for $250. $500 can get you a 3560 and two 3550s. Save up for another 3560 and you have yourself a CCIE lab.
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