Passed - 2/26

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Been a lurker for the past couple of months. Been reading everyone's tips and success stories (and some horror stories). Well, just took the exam yesterday, and passed!

This was my 2nd attempt. My first attempt was last year. Scored a 679. Got discouraged and let too much time pass before my attempt yesterday.

Here's what I used:

Eric Conrad - 11th Hour CISSP Guide
ISC2 - CISSP CBK Review Seminar v. 11

Studied for about 6 weeks. Everyday for 3-4 hours. I have a background in security, so that definitely helps (risk management; vulnerability manager; information systems security officer; information systems security engineer).

The reason I failed the first time, second guessing. I'm a horrible test taker. Any mistake there is, I'm sure I broke them. I try to go into the exam with a fresh and clear mind. If I need to spend more than X amount of time on a question, circle it, and move on. Use that energy to continue with the test, instead of getting stuck. If I'm stuck on a question where I can narrow it down between the last 2 it and continue. Well, I go back through the one's that I circles, chose an answer, and moved on. When I had time to review, started to change some of my answers. Big mistake. I know for certain, with 10 of them I changed, I had the right answer the first time. Boom, failed.

Rewind to yesterday. Same thing, flagged the ones where I needed additional time to think about, or ones that I couldn't narrow the option to one answer. This time around, onces I was done and all the questions were answered...submit. Forget the option of 2nd guessing. Got the printout....passed. :)


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