9L0-412 where to sit exam

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Does anyone know where to sit or book the 9L0-412 exam?

Last exam I did, 10.6 was done via Prometric but it looks like it is done through Apple now?



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    Apple's certification page mentions
    Exams are offered at Apple Authorized Training Centers worldwide.

    Three Steps to Certification

    1. Choose your certification path.
    2. Select a location: Apple Authorized Training Centers offer all exams (OS X, Pro Apps, and iWork) even if they don't offer the associated course.
    3. Register for and take your exam(s).

    To me it wasn't evident how you register for an exam so I checked the FAQ:
    How do I register for an Apple Certification exam?

    Contact an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) in your area.

    So in 2013 no online registration. Well done Apple.
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    I am about 1/2 of the way through the peachpit book now. have you written the exam yet ? I just have written my 10.7 integration exam so far.
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    Thanks for that information, I went through Prometric and saw only two other apple certifications and was afraid it was only those 2 in France but more elsewhere. I contacted one test center isntead and hope to get reply there. Agree... 2013 and you cannot apply/register online, good job Apple :)
    I have only taken 10.5 before and registered online.
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    Took a brave front and use this guy package and I"VE PASSED THE EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BONUS! His package is now given FREE!!!!!

    Got my certification already.

    There is a donation button so to show my appreciation, i donated 50 usd!

    So what r u guys waiting for!?

    Have a go at it.

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